Go On! IHL Workshop Applications Due TOMORROW (Oct. 11)

Minneapolis St. Anthony Falls

Minneapolis St. Anthony Falls (Photo Credit: Doug Wallick)


On November 2 & 3, 2013, the University of Minnesota Law School, the Human Rights Center, and the American Red Cross will be hosting an International Humanitarian Law Workshop, with additional support by The Advocates for Human Rights.

This workshop features lectures and hands-on exercises that guide participants through an intensive examination of International Humanitarian Law (IHL), with a focus on its application to combatants and civilians. Topics include:

  • International Humanitarian Law: Setting the Context
  • Conflict Classification – When Does International Humanitarian Law Apply?
  • Overview of Key International Humanitarian Law Principles: Protecting the Vulnerable
  • Protected Persons in International Humanitarian Law
  • The Red Cross and International Services
  • Means and Methods of Warfare
  • Non-State Actors and International Humanitarian Law
  • International Humanitarian Law and Human Rights Law
  • Technologies of Warfare and International Humanitarian Law
  • Gendered Dimensions of International Humanitarian Law

This workshop is open to law and graduate students, lawyers, and practitioners, and has been accredited for 12 CLE hours. The workshop and course materials are provided at no cost to accepted applicants, though participants will be responsible for their own transportation and lodging. Some meals will be provided.

Applications to attend this workshop should be completed by October 11, 2013, and returned to matso092@umn.edu.

Applications and more information can be found at: http://www.redcross.org/ihlworkshop

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