Introducing Rebecca Landy

Rebecca_Landy@9_15_RallyIt’s our great pleasure today to welcome Rebecca Landy as an IntLawGrrls contributor.  Rebecca currently serves as the Human Rights Advocate for Friends of Conscience, an organization dedicated to advocating for the freedom of political prisoners in China, and in particular supporting the efforts of the family of Dr. Wang Bingzhang to secure his release from prison. She holds a J.D. from the University of Cincinnati College of Law where she was an Urban Morgan Human Rights Fellow and Assistant Managing Editor of Human Rights Quarterly.

Rebecca is a former Law Clerk at the High Court of Botswana and intern at the Research Unit of the South African Parliament. She has taught as an Adjunct Professor at John Jay College of Criminal Justice, where she was the Assistant Director of the Center for International Human Rights. Previously, she worked at the Center for Constitutional Rights in the International Human Rights Docket. She Chairs the Board of the Council on American Students in International Negotiations (CASIN), which sends student delegations to inter-governmental meetings, and publishes two peer-reviewed journals on international criminal and human rights law. She is on the New York City Bar Association’s Sex and the Law Committee and is a member of Amnesty International’s Women’s Human Rights Coordination Group.

Rebecca’s introductory post today discusses current advocacy efforts devoted to freeing Dr. Wang Bingzhang from prison.  Heartfelt welcome!


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