Introducing Gabrielle Simm

Gabrielle SimmIt’s our great pleasure today to welcome Gabrielle Simm as an IntLawGrrls contributor.  Gabrielle is an international lawyer with research interests in gender, feminist theory, humanitarian aid and disaster law, migration and refugee law. 

She currently works as a Senior Research Associate with Professor Andrew Byrnes at the Australian Human Rights Centre, University of New South Wales Law School, Sydney, Australia where she teaches public international law. In 2011, Gabrielle completed her PhD under the supervision of IntLawGrrls contributor Professor Hilary Charlesworth at the Regulatory Institutions Network, Australian National University. She also holds an LLM in comparative refugee law from the University of British Columbia and has taught at ANU and UBC.

Prior to commencing her PhD, Gabrielle worked as an international lawyer in the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade and the Attorney-General’s Department, and as a diplomat in South-east Asia.  She has also worked as a refugee lawyer in Melbourne.

Gabrielle’s introductory post today discusses her book, Sex in Peace Operations, which was based on her PhD thesis and published by Cambridge University Press in April 2013.


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