Reinterpreting Human Rights through Global Media: A Case Study of Al Jazeera English

The Canadian Journal of Human Rights has just published an article I wrote examining Al Jazeera English. One of the characteristics of globalization is the migration of people and the emergence of “virtual states” uniting people in different geographic territoritories via the internet and global media. In response to the transnational identities of diaspora and cosmopolitan audiences, the global media increasingly illuminates human rights issues. Human rights are described as providing an emancipatative vocabulary in order to facilitate the creation of spaces for agency or autonomy of individuals and groups in relation to the state. Ideally, the media promotes “dialogue, debate, and democratic pluralism”, thus, its purpose has an intrinsic tie to human rights. The article explores the way in which Al Jazeera English utilizes human rights as a frame. I analyze Al Jazeera English reports on the right to food, freedom of expression, and women’s rights, demonstrating how the reports reveal multiple causes of hunger, censorship, and gender discrimination and violence. It also invites consideration of possible solutions involving legal or judicial reform and disseminates the output of international and regional human rights institutions. It may well be considered as promoting peace journalism, as it seeks to provide voice to marginalized groups and achieve conflict resolution. It legitimizes universal human rights discourses by presenting their audience with an alternative voice. There is a need for further research as to impact of the media on our understaning of the enjoyment of human rights in the world. The link to the article is available here.


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