Jayne Huckerby to Direct Duke’s New International Human Rights Law Clinic

Photo of Jayne HuckerbyA heartfelt congratulations to Jayne Huckerby (right) (photo credit) on her appointment as Associate Professor of Clinical Law and director of a new international human rights law clinic at the Duke Law School!  Ms. Huckerby will bring to Duke a decade of cutting-edge human rights research and advocacy experience in the areas of gender and human rights, constitution-making, national security, human trafficking, transitional justice, and human rights in U.S. foreign policy.

Duke’s new clinic will offer students the opportunity to engage in four types of human rights projects: applying a human rights framework to domestic issues; advocating for human rights in foreign countries where human rights standards are nascent or absent; engaging with international institutions to advance human rights protections; and analyzing the human rights implications of U.S. foreign policy, including counter-terrorism initiatives that cause collateral gender-based harm.  The clinic will officially launch at the beginning of the spring 2014 term.


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